Corporate Health Care Services

Providing and maintaining a high level of holistic physiological and mental healthcare for fostering the overall well being of the employees at various work locations.
Various services available in this are
  • Manning & operation of in house Medical Services for Corporates by Doctors/para medical staff, as required
  • Travel advisories and vaccinations required for staff and families travelling to certain counties,
  • Service of visiting Specialists for Consultation by employees
  • Vaccinations like Tetanus toxoid, Hepatitis -A / B, anti Rabies etc.
  • Regular screening for timely detection of occupational health related issues which could be physical, mechanical, ergonomic, biological, psycho social (depending on the work environments)
  • Pro active Corporate Health care services like periodic Health checks with focus on job specific fitness
  • Setting up Occupational Health Centers
  • Identification of occupational health risks and their prevention / management
  • Prompt access to empaneled Doctors & Hospitals in case of emergencies.

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