University Healthcare Services

BCMS provides the entire spectrum of Primary Medical services for Universities in India, customized for the health hygiene and safety needs of the entire populations of The University Campuses which include Students, teaching and non teaching staff, and families. Services include
  • Staffing and operations of infirmaries on Campus by Doctors and nursing staff
  • Indoor care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental Health counselling and psychiatric interventions
  • Isolation and quarantine facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Vaccinations like Tetanus toxoid, Hepatitis -A / B, anti Rabies etc.
  • 24/7 Ambulance Service for evacuation to Hospitals for next level of Medical Care
  • Tie ups with Hospitals and facilities for seamless transition from University’s healthcare centre, for higher level of Medical care
  • Medical Insurance
  • Campus hygiene inspections and advisories in Dining areas, water storage
  • Water and Food tests
  • Advisories on common diseases
  • Overall supervision of operations by experienced Managers to maintain highest standards of University Healthcare services
  • Maintenance of records, and Reporting systems for University Managements
  • Electronic Health Records access to patients

University Managements in India can confidently entrust the responsibility of their non core but key aspect of providing medical services for the University staff & students to duly protected from risks of service deficiencies, compliance and legal liabilities.

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