Children spend more time at school than anywhere else except home. By teaching about health and promoting healthy behaviours, schools play a pivotal role in children’s health. Schools also work to check risky behaviours such as substance abuse and keeping unhealthy practices at bay. For the best outcomes, the school building and environment must be a safe and healthy place for every child.

Schools are also required to deal with various medical emergencies when they occur within the school campuses. Schools and other educational institutions may cater to such needs only when an adequate medical infrastructure is present at all times.

Blue Circle Medi Services & “The Blue Circle of Safety”

Health is personal and unique to every aspect of life. This is why personalized & prompt management of medical problems and concerns is cornerstone of good health.

A school is safe only when all the practices within are safe and conducive to good physical, mental, social & psychological health. An all round healthy and safe environment needs provision of all appropriate medical facilities at the time when they are needed the most.
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