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Covid-19 Packages(affordable)

Covid-19 Test
Covid RTPCR Test

Customized Health Checkup Package

Covid Home Care Package                

Include 44 tests

Covid Home Care Basic is for people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection and want to...

Covid Home Care Package+ D-Dimer

Include 45 tests

D-dimer tests are used to help rule out the presence of an inappropriate blood clot

Full Body Package + Antibody IgG Qualitative

Include 70 tests

Full Body Package + Antibody IgG Qualitative is a group of tests that assesses your health...

Comprehensive Full Body Checkup

Include 101 tests

It is well known that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and this package is designed...

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Blue Circle Medi Services Pvt Ltd

Testimonials from a Top School


Blue Circle Medi Services Private Limited is one of the most customer service-oriented companies that we have ever come across! They are willing to listen to our ideas, yet always have their own exceptional suggestions which add so much more to our entire mission! They seem to work round the clock. We have now been utilizing the services of Blue Circle Medi Services Private...

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Testimonials from a Top School


The Blue Circle run infirmary/whole school medical support envisages everyday medical support for students and staff with extremely efficient nursing assistants, dependable arrangement of doctor in school, 24X7 ambulance availability and hospital visit as and when necessary.

Regular medical check-ups for students as stipulated by the board of affiliation for the...

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Testimonials from a Top School


We are happy to say that Blue circle Medi Services has provided significant value addition and enhanced medical services in managing the comprehensive child health, Hygiene and Safety Services in our school.

With their domain Knowledge and expertise in focusing only on institutional health,Blue Circle Medi Services has improved the healthcare services provided to...

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I take upon this opportunity to express my earnest gratitude to Blue Circle who serve as the lifeline of our school community . I begin by informing you of their kindness and responsibility since the first day of YIF. I was coming to our school by train after a very rigorous training from Udaipur, and had very heavy luggage bags to carry. I fell unwell and got dehydrated...

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