I take upon this opportunity to express my earnest gratitude to Blue Circle who serve as the lifeline of our school community . I begin by informing you of their kindness and responsibility since the first day of YIF. I was coming to our school by train after a very rigorous training from Udaipur, and had very heavy luggage bags to carry. I fell unwell and got dehydrated the same day and after repeated attempts to take care of me by my flatmates, I was taken to the Max hospital in Shalimar Bagh by dear officer's of Blue Circle & school . After my admission in the hospital, A Senior person from Blue Circle stayed with me to take care of me the entire night. Then came an amazing woman from South India, whose name I somehow forgot who was as kind as a goddess. A young lad called from BCMS took care of me phenomenally for all the days I stayed at the hospital taking care of me day and night. Not a moment passed by when they left me alone lest I may fall down due to extreme weakness.

At the time when the hospital wanted to prolong my stay citing false reasons, it was the lady along with Senior person from Blue Circle who forced upon them and discharged me from the hospital for me to breathe fresh air. That week in the hospital I admit was horrible but I also admit that without the support of such amazing human beings, I would not have been able to join you guys at the Fellowship. I also do not know all the names of those I have met working in Blue Circle but I am equally indebted to you.

At a time when we complained of poor facilities, treatment and others, many of us may have forgotten that it was for them that I could be there with you to walk along with you through the entire journey. And not only me, but many of us at times of special needs have found them to support us always with a smile. We must be grateful forever to these great souls.

On behalf of the Student community, I request the administration to recognize the wonderful work that Blue Circle has done over the entire year. 'No wealth is wealthy without a wealthy health'.......Blue Circle.....Hats Off!!!! 


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