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BCMS is a pioneer in providing school healthcare support services to young students, their parents or guardians to promote a healthy lifestyle and to improve & maintain well being. Students who are emotionally and physically healthy and fit are able to achieve the best of their potential. We provide an entire range of customized School Healthcare Services under the banner of Child Health, Hygiene, and Safety (CHS2) services. This includes the entire gamut of healthcare and hygiene functions.

Let us take a look at the list of School Medical Services that we offer:

  1. Primary medical care during school hours.
  2. In-school medical staff service.
  3. Maintain apt medical facilities in school (medical equipment, medicines, ambulances etc.)
  4. Special educators & counsellors
  5. 24/7 Ambulance service/support
  6. Tie-ups with reputed hospitals in case of emergency.
  7. Disaster management.
  8. Medical Insurance facility.
  9. Annual health check-ups & maintenance of medical records.
  10. MyKidsHealth(MKH )
  11. School campus hygiene inspections and advisory.
  12. Maintain high standard school medical services.
  13. Health Advisory and Awareness Camps

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Complete school healthcare services

We are India's leading 360° healthcare service provider and take care of your school’s complete healthcare requirements. We provide :

Medical Infrastructure

We setup complete medical rooms and equip them with the required equipment and necessary medicines such as complete primary medical care can be given to students during school hours

Trained staff

Fully trained and qualified doctors & nurses are available on school premises

Health and Safety amidst a Pandemic

It's now more than ever important to keep updated with latest covid protocols and compliance of all safety measures

School Ambulance Services

We equip your school with complete ambulance and emergency response services such that proper urgent care can be provided in case of any emergencies

Special Education & Mental Health services

We recognise counselling and special education needs for students and equip your school with the same

Student Health Profiling

Annual health check-ups of students & full maintenance of medical records are also provided by us


Health and safety amidst a pandemic

It is imperative to stay up to date with the latest covid protocols. In addition to setting up necessary healthcare infrastructure, Blue Circle also helps you in their compliance with government health standards, implement safety measures and provide ICU trained staff nurses & equipment

Worried about reopening your school premises ?

Blue Circle is a one stop for all your school healthcare worries. In these trying times, reach us for complete school campus hygiene inspections, health advisory and awareness Camps. We ensure that the campus is covid resistant with infrastructural measures, highest standard of quality care and implementing latest protocols

Qualified staff is now more than ever important !

With unpredictable times comes the importance of being fully prepared and ready to adapt no matter what, for the safety of our students. Blue Circle helps you with ensuring the quality of staff on school premises whether its ICU trained doctors & nurses or psychologists and special education needs staff

Is your school fully prepared for emergencies ?

It is our responsibility that as long as students are on the school premises, they are in safe hands. Blue Circle ensures tie-ups with nearby reputed hospitals in case of emergencies, provided full equipped ambulances for school and provides medical Insurance facility

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