Corporate Healthcare


In today’s time, the workplace has become a heating chamber of health problems. The increased amount of pressure on the employees and shrinking deadlines has made it difficult for the employees to live a healthy life. Such extreme conditions in the workplace affect productivity and make employees prone to various health problems like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems. In such situations, corporate health care services play a crucial role which helps the employees in getting back on a healthy lifestyle quickly and efficiently. We offer high-quality medical services corporate employees in India which assists in maintaining high levels of holistic physiological and mental health to foster their overall well being..

Corporate Healthcare Services that we offer include:

  1. In-house medical services (Allocation of a doctor/paramedical staff).
  2. Travel advisories and vaccinations (for employee and family).
  3. Doctor consultation visits (for employee)
  4. Regular vaccinations (Tetanus, toxoid, Hepatitis- A/B, Anti-Rabies etc.)
  5. Regular employee health check-up (to resolve occupational health-related issues)
  6. Periodic Health check-ups for job-specific fitness.
  7. Occupational health risks prevention & management program.
  8. Emergency access to on-panel doctors & hospitals.
  9. Ambulance services
  10. Secondary & Tertiary care tie-up with multispecialty hospital.
  11.  Pre-employment health check up facilities
  12. Customized for digital medical records


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