Blue Circle Medi Services

BCMS is a pioneer in providing managed healthcare & safety services by an innovative amalgamation of high-level professional capabilities in healthcare practices, management and information technology. Founded by IIM-Alumni, 8 + years ago, the team comprises of experienced physicians, counsellors, clinicians, nursing staff, supported by Basic Life Support Ambulance service round the clock. The core office of BCMS is in New Delhi. 


Our vision is to create longterm value for our stakeholders by transforming the way medical services are rendered today. We envision providing health delivery solutions that meet institutional needs in a responsible, cost-effective and sustainable way.


To be a pan–India service provider of managed healthcare services for institutions through innovative integration of health care, information technology, management practices, education & pro active engagement with users.

Our Endeavor for Continuing improvement

Thorough regular engagement with various stake holders in Organizations and soliciting their feedback, we are constantly striving to exceed their current and future expectations. Our team combines the synergy of Health care, Management and Information Technology Experts, who collectively brainstorm to generate innovative out comes.

Our customizable Comprehensive Health, Hygiene & Safety Services (CHS2)™ health programme and our Internationally awarded “Blue Circle of Protection” has helped our partner Institutions to continually improve their health care standards , as well as to comply with prescribed statutory medical requirements.

Our Services


General physicians handle medical concerns with care and sensitivity. Specialist consultants are being identified and empanelled so that their services are readily available.


Resident counsellors and visiting Consultants complete the circle of care, for mental & physiological needs of the community.


Physiotherapy services are available on campus for providing solutions to problems arising due to sports injury, wrong posture, and prolonged pain due to sedentary lifestyle.

Emergency Response

Our wellbeing centre is prepared to deal with any kind of campus emergencies and patient evacuation to a secondary or tertiary care Hospital.


Services of a visiting Psychiatrist is available on campus once a week..

Health Information Portal

This portal is a repository of knowledge about common ailments, for reference by individuals

Health Check-up

Health Check-up facility for staff and students in available at well being centre.

Laboratory Tests

Facility of sample collection on campus, from an authorised NABL accredited Lab is available

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are generated in real time to access and provide information about a patient’s appointment, prescription, number of visits, etc.


Prescription drugs, over the counter health supplements and allied products are available 24*7 medicine at doorstep.

Workshops & Trainings

Regular events are organized in collaboration with University and student bodies on physical and mental health topics. These can be accessed on the event calendar.

Minior procedures

Well being center has an equipped dressing room which caters to minor procedures.

Webinar with Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya on the Covid-19 'child' wave

We had over 200+ parents & teachers join us for the webinar with Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya on The Covid-19 third wave and its impact on children. We are so glad that Dr. Chandrakant was able to alleviate the fears and address the concerns regarding the much feared 'child wave